Arctic Set Theory Workshop                                     

KilpisjŠrvi, Finland (69ˇ 2 57 N, 20ˇ 47 40 E)

February 1-5, 2013

This international workshop on the latest developments in set theory, including set theoretic model theory and constructive set theory, will be held in the KilpisjŠrvi Research Center of the University of Helsinki, during February 1-5, 2013. A group of leading mathematical logicians, together with younger researchers, from Finland, USA, Israel, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Colombia and Poland will meet in this unique location to make progress on the hardest questions of set theory today.

Organizing group:  Helsinki Logic Group. Organizers: Juliette Kennedy and Jouko VŠŠnŠnen (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki)

Confirmed participants:

Alessandro Andretta (Turin), David Aspero (Norwich), John Baldwin (Chicago), Natasha Dobrinen (Denver), Daisuke Ikegami (Berkeley), Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki), Peter Kšpke (Bonn), Mencahem Magidor (Jerusalem), Ben Miller (Mźnster), Michael Rathjen (Leeds), Marcin Sabok (Wroclav), Philip Schlicht (Bonn), John Steel (Berkeley), Lauri Tuomi (Paris), Asker Tšrnquist (Copenhagen), Andres Villaveces (Bogota), Jouko VŠŠnŠnen (Helsinki), Philip Welch (Bristol), Hugh Woodin (Berkeley).

Contact person: Juliette Kennedy