Doctors of Mathematical Logic in the Helsinki Logic Group

The list contains the title of the thesis and the current affiliation. The year is the year of the dissertation.
2018 Miguel Moreno
Finding the Main Gap in the Borel-Reducibility Hierarchy
University of Helsinki
2016 Gianluca Paolini
Independence in Model Theory and Team Semantics
2015 Kaisa Kangas
Finding a field in a Zariski-like structure
University of Helsinki
2015 Miika Hannula
On Variants of Dependence Logic : Axiomatizability and Expressiveness
University of Auckland
2014 Fan Yang
On Extensions and Variants of Dependence Logic : A study of intuitionistic connectives in the team semantics setting
University of Helsinki
2011 Vadim Kulikov
Playing Games on Sets and Models
University of Helsinki
2010 Jarmo Kontinen (Graduated from ILLC, University of Amsterdam, under the supervision of J. Väänänen)
Coherence and Complexity in Fragments of Dependence Logic
2010 Åsa Hirvonen
Homogeneous model theory of metric structures
University of Helsinki
2009 Ville Nurmi
Dependence Logic: Investigations into Higher-Order Semantics Defined on Teams
2008 Ryan Bissell-Siders
Linear order and computation - the expressiveness of interactive computations on linear orders and computations indexed by ordinals.
2007 Hannu Niemistö
Locality and Order-Invariant Logics
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
2007 Matti Pauna
On games on non-wellfounded sets and stationary sets
University of Helsinki
2006 Meeri Kesälä
Finitary Abstract Elementary Classes
University of Illinois at Chicago
2005 Marta Garcia-Matos
Abstract model theory without negation
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
2004 Juha Kontinen
Definability of second order generalized quantifiers
University of Helsinki
2004 Juha Ruokolainen
Constructive Nonstandard Analysis without Actual Infinity
University of Helsinki
2003 Alex Hellsten
Diamonds on large cardinals
University of Helsinki
2001 Risto Kaila
On almost sure elimination of generalized quantifiers.
University of Helsinki
2000 Mika Rautila
Combinatorial priciples and stationary sets
1999 Pauli Väisänen
The number of strongly equivalent non-isomorphic models
Space Systems
1996 Aapo Halko
Negligible subsets of the generalized Baire space $\omega_1^{\omega_1}$
University of Helsinki
1996 Juha Nurmonen
Unary quantifiers and finite structures
University of Helsinki
1995 Jyrki Akkanen
Absolute logics
1993 Heikki Heikkilä
Definability and infinitely deep languages
1992 Kerkko Luosto
Filters in abstract model theory
University of Tampere
1991 Taneli Huuskonen
Comparing notions of similarity for uncountable models
University of Helsinki
1990 Heikki Tuuri
Infinitary languages and Ehrenfeucht--Fra{\"\i}ss\'e games
1988 Lauri Hella
Definability hierarchies of generalized quantifiers
University of Tampere
1987 Tapani Hyttinen
Games and infinitary languages
University of Helsinki
1984 Maaret Karttunen
Model theory for infinitely deep languages
1978 Juha Oikkonen
Second order definability, game quantifiers and related expressions
University of Helsinki
1977 Jouko Väänänen
Applications of set theory to generalized quantifiers
University of Helsinki

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