A Workshop on Dependence Logic

This is a small workshop on June 22, 2010, in connection with the event:

22 June 2010, PhD defense of Jarmo Kontinen

Title: Coherence and Complexity in Fragments of Dependence Logic

Date and time: Tuesday 22 June 2010, 12:00

Location: Agnietenkapel, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 231, Amsterdam

Promotor: Jouko Väänänen

Place of Workshop: Lecture hall C3.05 at the OMHP building Oudemanhuispoort 4-6 1012 CN Amsterdam.

15:00Workshop starts
15:00Davide GrossiAmsterdamDependence in Games and Dependence Games
15:30Peter LohmannHannoverComplexity Results for Modal Dependence Logic
16:15Lauri HellaTamperePartially ordered connectives, CSP and dependence logic
16:45Pietro GallianiAmsterdamCoherence and Epistemic Operators in Dependence Logic
17:15Theo JanssenAmsterdamSkolem forms in classical logic by using IF logic
17:45Juha KontinenHelsinkiOn negation in dependence logic

Interested participants are kindly requested to send an e-mail to jouko.vaananen@helsinki.fi.

This is a LINT DepLog event.

Some abstracts

Speaker: Davide Grossi

Title: Dependence in Games and Dependence Games

Abstract: The talk provides a formal analysis of a notion of dependence between players in a game. We will show: first, how this notion of dependence allows for an elegant characterization of a property of reciprocity for the outcomes of a game; and second, how it can be used to ground new cooperative solution concepts for strategic games, where coalitions can force outcomes only in the presence of reciprocal dependences. The talk presents joint work with Paolo Turrini (Utrecht University).