Dependence Logic

Intensive course at ILLC, Amsterdam

Jouko Väänänen (University of Amsterdam, University of Helsinki)

This intensive course consists of five lectures:

Date            Time Room


07-01-2012        10-12         D1.113

08-01-2012        10-12         D1.112

09-01-2012        10-12         D1.116

10-01-2012        10-12         A1.10

11-01-2012        10-12         C1.112


In addition there will be homework.


Students who successfully complete the course have the option of either (1) getting awarded 2EC for the course or (2) doing a project throughout January and then getting 6EC for the work they did for the course and the project together.


The course uses the book: Dependence logic, Cambridge University Press, 2007. Available also in Amazon.

If you want to participate, but have not received recently an e-mail from me starting “Dear participant in the…”, write an e-mail to me immediately.