Infinitary logic

[Carol Karp] [Jon Barwise] Game formula
  • Lecturer: prof. Jouko Väänänen
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14-16 during fall term 2003. First lecture on Sept 11th, 2003.
  • Location: SIII
  • Exercise classes: Tuesdays at 12-14, in room 420, Vuorikatu 20, 4th floor.
  • Course material is in a folder on the fifth floor, and on WebCT pages.
  • The course will concentrate on infinitary languages and back-and-forth systems.
  • Participants will be given projects that can serve as a basis for master's thesis, licentiate thesis or doctoral thesis.
  • The course will utilize the WebCT course management system.
  • Prerequisites: Mathematical logic (57067-7). Basic set theory such as finite and infinite sets, denumerable sets, well-ordered sets, ordinals.