Introduction to generalized quantifiers II, spring 2005

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[Andrzej Mostowski] [Jon Barwise] [Saharon Shelah]
  • Lecturer: Prof. Jouko Väänänen
  • Time and location: Tuesday 14-16 B322 Spring term 2005. First class is on 18.1.2005.
  • Exercise class every second Tuesday 16-18 B321. First exercise class is on 25.1.2005.
  • This course counts as 3 study credits (opintoviikko).
  • Contents:
    1. Applications of Ehrenfeucht-Fraïssé games and back-and-forth sets for generalized quantifiers,
    2. Applications of the model existence game to the completeness theorem for generalized quantifiers,
    3. Applications of the method of identities to the compactness problem for generalized quantifiers.
  • The course uses WebCT course management system.
  • Prerequisites: Logic I (57274-1) or mathematical logic (57067-7).
  • A survey of generalized quantifiers on finite models.
  • A survey of generalized quantifiers on infinite models.
  • Generalized quantifiers in PlanetMath.
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