Practical Information

Time Zone

The whole China adopts Beijing Time as its standard time, which is in the time zone GMT+8. The current local time in Guangzhou is:

Weather Forecast

Currency and Banking

The currency of China is Renminbi (RMB) (sign: ; code: CNY). The principal unit of RMB is the Yuan. One yuan is divided into 10 jiao; one jiao is divided into 10 fen. For exchange rates between RMB and other currencies, please check for example:

ATM machines with "visa card" or "master card" signs can be found at Guangzhou airport, Guangzhou railway station and in many main streets. To view the nearest banks in the campus of Sun Yat-sen University, please check the google map on the Venue page.


The power supply voltage of China (mainland) is 220V, 50HZ.

A typical Chinese socket is depicted here:

Chinese AC power plugs shape like this or like this.


Drinking Water

Unfortunately, tap water in China is not suitable for drinking. Some hotel rooms feature water dispensers which deliver both cool and hot potable water, while others are equipped with water kettles used to boil water for drinking.