Visa Information

The following visa information might be useful for your visit to Guangzhou for SELLC-2010.

Generally, non-China citizens need a visa to enter China. As far as we know, it is easy for those residents in many countries to get a tourist visa to China from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For participating in the SELLC-2010, this tourist visa will give you enough time to attend the SELLC-2010. There is no need for the participants to get an invitation letter from the SELLC-2010. We recommend you to apply for tourist visa instead of business visa since it would be more convenient for both you and the organizer of the SELLC-2010, considering the short time left. We will still present the invitation letter to you after your arrival.

If you do need the invitation letter now, please send an email to Xuefeng Wen ( or to YongTao Chen (, telling us your exact mailing address, your passport number, and your name as it appears on your passport. Your phone number is also needed for emergent post. We will send by post the letter to you as soon as possible. We can also fax it or email a scanned copy of it to you directly if it is acceptable.

You may need to fill in the application form with the following information:

Name of Inviter (in China): Professor Ju Shi Er
Phone number of your contact: +86-20-84113340
Address of Inviter: Institute of Logic and Cognition, Sun Yat-sen University, 135 Xingang Road West, Guangzhou, China, 510275
Email of your contact: