Workshop Slides

Workshop on Logic, Language and Computation &
The 9th International Conference on Logic and Cognition (WLLC & ICLC)

Kees van Deemter: Generation of Referring Expressions in Natural Language

Fredrik Engström: Non-Permutation Invariant Borel Quantifiers

Daisuke Ikegami: Modal Fixed-point Logics and Product Update

Juliette Kennedy: Formalism Freeness

Greg Restall: Structures for Proofs

Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh: A Compositional Distributional Model of Meaning

Ching-Hui Su: In Defense of Truth-functional Theory of Conditionals

Xishun Zhao: Some Topics Related to Propositional Logic

Workshop on Set Theory

Daisuke Ikegami: Gale-Stewart games and Blackwell games

Juliette Kennedy: Model Theoretic Aspects of a Finitary Square Principle

Boban Velickovic: The Mathematical Theory of Infinity